~ Young Trixx Flowmorce ~

Young Trixx Flowmorce is my stage name. Born Yahaya Abdul-Rauf, from Bolgatanga in the Upper East region. I was born on a Monday, 16th of March, 1992. I am the middle son from a family of five (5) siblings. Only two (2) of us are males and the remaining three, females. As far back in junior high school, young as i was, i realised my love and passion for creative arts. Having successfully played the role of an entertainer in school. This continued through my days in high school in 2008/2009. Putting words together in a rhythmic manner and acting for the drama club of the school. Since then, I never stopped singing and writing. Composing by myself and those by artists I am influenced by. Learning from the likes of Lumba, Antwi, Okomfuo Kwadea, Obrafuor and many more. Now I stand out as one unique artiste with a sense of direction and purpose. From the street battles, schools, clubs and radio battles. I have learnt much to have a different direction when i do music. To teach, to inspire and motivate. The younger one's after me, needs to know. In 2012, i graduated from Senior High School. "Finding a good job was thoughtful" Says my mother. So i went into teaching in various schools. From Amoraf science and technology, Super Stars, and even the elderly i was teaching Adult education. But just like any other work, i was not happy doing, no passion. And this could only save me, my basic needs. With my gifted talent in music. I left the teaching field. Passionately in pursuit of my destiny. In 2016/2017, I met with a good producer, DJ Wayne to work on a solo single "Baamu Bari". Translated in Hausa meaning "we wont stop". We was happy working with one another and so we agreed we worked together. All independent at the time. I signed with Waynecityghettoyouthrecords as their first signed artiste and have worked on so many ever since. My first single "treat me good" was good. And then came "Your love" which followed up with a promotional video. Waynecityghettoyouthrecords gave me a new identity. A voice to speak to the people. To Ghanaians and the world. For this reason, i further my education in a Diploma in creative writing so to give my listeners the best of me.
Young Trixx Flowmorce


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